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  • Lachezar says:

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  • Duke says:

    Hi! :)
    I find your script really nice, but Im having some issue that I dont understand…
    I uploaded directly from your zip the whole thing to my server and accessed it by index.html, but the weather doesnt work… i get this error in the js console:
    data.forecast is undefined

  • Duke says:

    AccuWeather rainmeter service has been terminated (official on Rainmeter forums)
    Therefore the weather script does not work anymore.
    Would you consider using Yahoo Weather feed instead? http://developer.yahoo.com/weather/
    Or maybe some other feeds, you can find them here http://rainmeter.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1474

  • Lai says:

    Your control is very nice. I have trouble adding the configuration. In your examples, you wrote:
    $(document).ready(function() {
    // Configuration goes here

    How to add new configuration like city for weather update? Can u show me an example?


  • admin says:

    Hi Lai,

    example configuration:

    $(document).ready(function() {

  • giovesoft says:

    Hi i have tried to launch it with WAMP5 Version 1.7.4 but it doesn’t works.
    I can see the clock but not the weather (Update Weather ….)

  • admin says:


    load php_curl extensions

  • Eli says:


    I was looking at this, is there a way to have the WEATHER LOCATION be dynamic? without having to specify it directly let the server figure out where the use is from…?

  • Jay says:

    Yes I too have same question… Would like for the weather to auto detect the users location that is viewing the clock. Thanks, let us know as that’s a lot easier for us newbies to work with.

  • Arnaldo says:

    the temperature does not show when I insert a city that contains two words,
    ex: “campo grande”

  • ozan says:

    hi. this is nice but too big

  • Mihai says:

    Is it possible to make a Windows 7 Widget out of it? It looks beautiful. I have such a clock on my desktop, but this is what I am looking for :) Great design anyway. If you are considering a Windows 7 Widget, put the clock only :)

    Mihai from Romania

  • Simeon says:

    This plug in is fantastic. But it needs 2 things

    - The weather to actually work
    - The ability to set the timezone of the clock to the time of the city, not local time

    I’ll pay you to make those changes!

  • Chris says:

    Hello, how do you combine more than 1 configuration for example weather location with weather image path and clock image path.

  • Dukessa says:

    again, I wanted to tell you that the weather DOESNT work.
    It’s not just me, other users say there is a problem with it.
    php_curl extensions are enabled in my php config so the problem is not on my side.
    I uploaded all your files DIRECTLY to ftp, without changing anything, and it doesnt work. It worked 1 time only suddenly, and then it stopped working again.
    Have you tried testing this script from other countries? The weather service you use has been blocked because of high traffic, I wonder if some countries or IP ranges have been blacklisted.
    Please, any suggestions?

  • h-a-r-v says:

    What it definetely lacks is full localization. Sure, you can customize days and months names, but what’s use of that, when you still get ‘cloudy’, ‘a.m. shower’ and such messages half of your readers won’t understand? I wanted to implement it on a tourism-related site, but many ppl might find it confusing. So, it would be great if you somehow allowed us to translate the weather descriptions on our own.

    All in all you’ve already done some fantastic job (yet unusable for many as mentioned before). HTC Sense inspiration was the only right thing to do. You made me use iQuery for the first time in my life. For the past few years I sticked to Mootools only :)

  • h-a-r-v says:

    Oh, and a slideshow option would be great :) You know, time & current / forecast swtiching in a given interval. These arrows are pretty small and some inexperienced users might just never think of clicking them + it’d simply look catchy!

  • h-a-r-v says:

    Sorry for double posting, but I’d like to sign under the suggestion that it should be smaller. I mean – there should be two variants, I guess. I’m fine with the current one, but a 30-35% smaller one as an alternative might save someone else a lot of work.

  • h-a-r-v says:

    Two more things regarding past suggestions:

    1) slideshow – whether it gets implemented or not, it would nice to be able to set the default ‘slide’ – I’d prefer forecast to be shown in the first place, for example.

    2) regarding weather descriptions translation: AccuWeather has already done that! They’ve recently launched new service ( http://www.accuweather.com/default.aspx ) where you can pick your language – that’s a must to-do!

    Also – it’s worth mentioning that it is possible to change the displayed city name (the last part of the city code) – very useful when it shares the same code like PL016 with a nearby city where the weather station is located, but you want a specific city name to be displayed.

  • Jeroen G. says:

    I really like this clock, is there an easy way to size it ?
    I would like to use it in a smaller version.

  • h-a-r-v says:

    The easy way for me (clock only) was decreasing dimensions of all the images within the /clock direcotry by 50%, and then playing with css a little (some widths, heights, tops and lefts). Pretty easy. In case you want to minify the whole thing, I guess there’s more messing around. I liked the big-sized digits, but my client didn’t, he wanted the weather to play the main role.

  • h-a-r-v says:

    Btw. Here’s the result (I changed some other stuff as well, so it fits the design more, still playing with it, may change). No english version of the site available yet, but I guess it’s not the case: http://www.osrodekdomino.pl/galeria.html